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IT System and Network Integration
IT Network Security
IT Disaster and Recovery Planning
EDG, Inc. CEO is asked to speak to Loyola Marymount University on Cyber Security in June.
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EDG, Inc. CEO Nicole M. Friel will be presenting on Cyber Security and Internal Threats at the Los Angeles chapter of the Credit Manager’s Association sponsored by Industrial Metal Supply on June 19th, 2009.

EDG, Inc. CEO Nicole M. Friel will be presenting on Cyber Security at the National Distribution Credit Association conference in Pismo Beach on May 15th, 2009.
Access Smart requests EDG, Inc. CEO Nicole M. Friel to contribute to their blog site at

EDG, Inc. CEO Nicole M. Friel will be presenting on Cyber Security and Industrial Espionage at the Credit Managers Association Western Regional Conference in Las Vegas October 14th-16th 2009 at the Golden Nugget.
EDG, Inc. CEO Nicole M. Friel is elected to Infragard’s Board of Directors. Infragard is a non-profit organization sponsored by the FBI to support intelligence sharing between the public and private sector.
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Services Overview

Elite Development Group supplies all the necessary services to meet your distinctive IT needs. We are an all-in-one solution by providing network and computer support, troubleshooting services, and electronic security initiatives that are custom configured to a client’s specifications.

Elite Development Group partners with your company to give the personalized attention and service you deserve. Our network and security services are tailored to help streamline your IT department and our resourceful engineers design programs that keep IT costs at a minimum. Our services Include:

IT System and Network Integration: Choosing the right hardware and software for your business can be a daunting and time consuming task. Integrating all the workstations to the server and choosing the right software to manage back-up of the data to an off-site location can be problematic. If the set-up is not done correctly the first time, work productivity and loss of revenue may occur. Read More

IT Network Security: We understand that IT hardware and electronic data are primary assets for any company. These are constant targets for aggressive hi-tech criminals wanting to manipulate, steal, or destroy data. Making the right hardware and software choices to prevent these threats is as important as hiring a key employee. Read More

IT Disaster and Recovery Planning: Every business expects to experience a technology disaster of some type. Servers can crash in the middle of report runs, workstation files become corrupted over time, and power outages may cause the loss of precious electronic documents. Catastrophic events such as earthquakes, floods or terrorists attack’s can stop a company’s ability to function and valuable data could be lost in the chaos. Read More

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